What's the official status of 3.5.x, anyway?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 13 09:45:59 BST 2009

On Monday 13 July 2009 04:57:17 Duncan wrote:
> I was explicit, having mentioned that in several posts now including in
> it's own thread.  

Probably so.  You are so verbose that I probably stopped reading before 
getting to that.

> Plus I've been explicit in (I believe consistently, if
> not, someone point it out) limiting the "substantially broken" claim to
> the way some people use KDE.  It's NOT "substantially broken" for
> everyone, nor did I ever claim it was.  (I've also been quite consistent
> about putting that "substantially broken" in quotation marks, indicating
> that's what people like me, with blocker issues, that have yet to be
> resolved, can call it, for the way we use KDE.)
> Since you claimed that was BS, /with/ those limitations, even in what you
> quoted, that's the equivalent of saying that it must work fine for me,
> or, at least, that it works to the extent that it has no blocker issues,
> and thus is not "substantially broken" for me.
The only thing that I said was bulolshit, and I repeat that fact, is that  you 
are being "forced" to use KDE4.  There are enterprise distros that have 
confirmed support for KDE3 for several more years.  You are not "forced" to do 
> > Look, I'm not a developer, but it seems to me that you are asking for
> > trouble to mix KDE3 and 4 like this.  Is there really a reason to?  In
> > KDE4 you can have a panel that is very similar to kicker, and desktop
> > that is almost identical to your KDE3 desktop, dbus doing what dcop used
> > to.  Why risk trouble by trying to use the old methods?
> But that's what I'm having trouble with.  Plasma (or at least the
> plasmoids I'm familiar with) is still missing some of the stuff kicker
> applets did.  There's also some serious problems with speed in either
> plasma or kwin4 or both.
Once more you are being vague.  What is missing?  You may be right, but unless 
we know what you are talking about we will never know that.

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