Any known timeline on bug 161009, kde 4 multikey khotkeys?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sat Jul 11 15:45:05 BST 2009

On KDE 3.5, multi-key khotkeys are central to the way I work.  Their 
absence in KDE 4 has been one of the blockers preventing my migration, 
and is one of the reasons kde4 remains "substantially broken" for my 

My usage:  My keyboard provides a number of extra keys, one of which I 
use as a "custom launcher" key.  FWIW, it happens to be "XF86HomePage".  

So, XF86HomePage,c launches a console aka terminal window, XF86HomePage,w 
launches the web browser (konqueror), XF86HomePage,e launches an editor 
(kwrite), XF86HomePage,m launches the mailer (kmail), XF86HomePage,n 
launches the news client (pan, knode sucked when I tried it last, years 
ago, tho I may try it again with 4.x, btw, does klibido have a kde4 
version and/or is one planned?), etc.

Since RandR functionality did away with Alt-Ctrl-NumPlus/NumMinus 
zooming, I created xrandr scripts to handle that, and have them assigned 
to most of the XF86HomePage,F1-F12 actions.  Similarly, XF86HomePage,End 
activates monitor suspend immediately (using an xset scriptlet), and 
XF86HomePage,Home is the "stay-on", deactivate the monitor sleep timers, 
function.  To guard against its accidental activation, I have hibernate 
set to Ctr-Shift-XF86HomePage,End.  (It'd be XF86HomePage,Ctrl-Shift-End 
if khotkeys 3.5 handled that, as earlier versions did IIRC, but it 
doesn't, so I had to put the Ctrl-Shift on the initial key and eliminate 
it from the popup menu that appears when just pushing XF86HomePage, 
unfortunately.  I also miss the display of the menu item that used to be 
beside the shortcut, in older KDE 3 versions as well, but at least the 
general multi-key functionality still works with 3.5.x, unlike with 4.2 
and it appears 4.3, and however many more revisions before they actually 
fix the regression and unbreak it.)

Other keys may have only one action.  The next one, XF86Mail, pops up the 
run dialog (and I've already assigned that to krunner in kde4).  The one 
after that, XF86Search, pops up the kmenu.  (Obviously, the key name 
matters little to me, it's the position I use, and the fact that it's an 
extra key, of course.)

But XF86Standby is multi-key/multi-function loaded again, with the 
various window actions (shade/minimize/maximize/window-menu/etc).

I'm getting more involved with KDE now and joined the kde and kde-linux 
lists.  In reading the archives, I noted that the khotkey multi-key issue 
is a known bug.  I just did a search on bugs.kde and came up with bug 

It says multikey global shortcuts don't work because "we can't support 
them - currently?."

OK, but...  KDE 3.5 does it.  But KDE 3.5 is apparently going
unsupported[1] and the regression is still there!

So what's the upgrade path for folks dependent on that functionality?  
It's obviously not there now, but is it even penciled in on a roadmap 
somewhere, obviously somewhere other than that bug, with its popular vote 
confirmation?  "Substantially broken" for my usage, indeed, and it 
appears I'm not the only one.

Or must I now look for a third party solution, for something KDE was 
perfectly capable of providing as a part of a whole desktop solution on 
its own with 3.5?

[1] KDE 3.5 unsuported:  At least Gentoo's kde guide says "KDE 3 is no 
longer maintained by upstream."  But I'll be creating a separate thread 
on that as I've some questions on that too, and will provide a link to 
the quote there, so please save comments on that for the separate thread, 
unless it's to simply say it's mistaken, with a current KDE URL to that 
effect would be nice.

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and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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