performance problems with ATI Radeon r300

Wolfgang Jeltsch fmp0d6sw at
Sat Jul 4 16:42:11 BST 2009

Am Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2009 22:34 schrieb Clemens Eisserer:
> Hi Wolfgang,
> > If I use the proprietary fglrx driver, some effects like wandering
> > through windows with Alt + TAB are acceptable at times, but not if more
> > than about eight window are open. Others, like moving a window around the
> > screen with transparency enabled, are never smooth. If I use the
> > opensource radeon driver, it’s even worse.
> The open-source driver should accelerate all that stuff pretty well, so the
> question is whats going wrong in your case. An R300 is clearly powerful
> enough for simple stuff like a GL composition manager.

This sounds really good. However, note that even the proprietary driver 
(fglrx) is not able to give good performance (and gives rather bad 
performance when there are more than eight windows open).

> Have you been using EXA or XAA?

Currently, I think I use XAA (X server 1.4.x with standard configuration made 
by Debian). With fglrx.

I used the open source driver only with the current X server (1.6) on Kubuntu. 
This X server had problems with EXA and Qt (drawing errors). So after having 
used EXA for a while, I switched to XAA.

I cannot say reliably whether the performance problems were also there with 
EXA (they were there with XAA). And I cannot try since I replaced my Kubuntu 
installation with a Debian stable installation since the new X server of 
Kubuntu doesn’t work with the old fglrx that still supports the r300. And I 
cannot test with the open source driver in my Debian installation since X 
crashes when using the open source driver and desktop effects.

Is it really important whether I use EXA or XAA? I thought this only matters 
for drawing into windows, not for transforming and compositing windows.

Best wishes,
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