How to change color of bars and plasmoids in KDE4?

Kishore kitts.mailinglists at
Wed Jan 28 15:19:02 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 28 Jan 2009 8:20:07 pm Dexter Filmore wrote:
> Installed Kub8.10 with KDE4 in a VM.
> First thing I already fail at is changing the background color of the
> kicker bar and the plasmoids. Black sucks. I'd like something light rather.
> Been elsewhere in the config to no success.

Use a different plasma desktop theme. Settings for this are available from the 
appearance settings in the desktop context menu. Also, it is not "kicker" any 
more. Its the "plasma panel".

> Btw, how do I change icon size? Bar size? Add an external window list bar?

Do you mean that you want to reduce the height of the panel? First, make sure 
that widgets are unlocked. If the context menu for the panel offers you an 
option to "Unlock Widgets", do that.

Then right click on the panel -> panel options -> panel settings. That should 
rise a settings bar that shows above the panel. It has a button called 
"height". Click and drag on it to adjust the height to your taste.
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