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Kishore kitts.mailinglists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 12:44:36 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 28 Jan 2009 1:50:30 pm Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > What Matthew is refering to is about quoting his and other mail id
> > unobfuscated in the message body which is not a good idea security wise.
> > I recommend you adjust your message reply templates to not do this.
> Thanks. For the public mailing lists I use Gmail, which has no
> facility to change the quoting behaviour. I will make an effort to
> remove the OP's contact information manually, however, in further
> communications.
> I am still confused by the idea that _quoting_ one's email address may
> make it spam-prone, however him sending mail with that address does
> not make it so. Quite the opposite, it has been known for years that
> any address used to post to public mailing lists will be harvested by
> the spambots as soon as you post.

I am no expert on the subject but...

Look at the example http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde&m=123311788818465&w=2 here. 
You will see that the archives never really expose the posters mail id as-is. 
While the above above example gives away the mail id indirectly, many archives 
do not expose the mail id at all.

Spam bots typically search archives for name at domain.com pattern which they 
will find only if it exists in the body of the mail. Otherwise for the spam bot 
to actually know the true mail id, it would need to be subscribed to the 
mailing list. Preventing that is another story.

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