Rebuilding menus...

Michael Comperchio mcmprch at
Thu Jan 22 23:56:45 GMT 2009

I'm not sure what caused it but my KDE menus are kinda' a mess. How can I go 
about rebuilding the menus structure? I don't know if my playing with the 
GNOME menu did this? I just couldn't make up my mind which Desktop to use, so 
I was switching back and forth (and I played with what was on the GNOME 

I have finally committed to KDE, but the menus are all messed up now. 
F'rinstance, There are NO KOffice apps. Which I want to use because I find 
them to be just better than OpenOffice. I just created Business Cards in kword 
( started from the command line) in about 5 minutes, and the printed great 
first time on my new HP printer....anyway, you KDE developers are doing a 
GREAT job with the stuff that counts... and other stuff too.

BTW, I remember being able to have different backgrounds on each workspace. 
That was a great feature, for me, because it enabled me to easily remember 
what I was doing and where I was....

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