konqueror erases all content as pointer goes over each item

lcb1 lcb1 at free.fr
Wed Jan 21 10:23:28 GMT 2009


I've never seen such a behaviour before : on Arte's web site 
(www.arte.tv/fr/  ) when the mouse pointer moves above links and any 
itemactually  the content of the webpage disappears gradually !

I have some problems with konqueror and Dolphin but this one is so 
strange. Of course flash content wouldn't display, even though latest 
flashplugin is installed.

I activated the bug and error report in javascript but in vain.

Konqueror is 3.5.10 and kde too but updated to 4. OS is mandriva 2009. 
Computer is not of the latest generation but I doubt this has an impact.

If anyone has some idea thanks.

I signaled a bug related to dolphin in bug.kde but never got any 
feedback so I try here.



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