Kaffeine DVD/CD Issues

Barry Premeaux bpx at basicisp.net
Thu Jan 15 05:32:48 GMT 2009

Bob Stia wrote:
> Hi Barry and John,
> It's been a long long time since I've had to configure audio from CDs but, has 
> the technology become so advanced that you no longer need the audio cable 
> from the DVD/CD device to the motherboard?
> Maybe as simple as that.
> Bob S
I recall the issue about the audio cable.  But, I would think if that 
were the problem here, Kaffeine would open and play.  I simply wouldn't 
have any audio.  In this case, Kaffeine opens and when I attempt to 
play, I get a 'signal 11 (SIGSEGV)' error.  When using the external USB 
DVD/CD drive, putting in an audio CD gives me a popup window that has 
numerous options from using K3B to Amarok to Kaffeine.  If I click on 
the 'Play Audio Cd with Kaffeine', it runs just fine.  If I tell it to 
do nothing and go to the menu to open Kaffeine, it plays correctly as well.

When I put it in the internal DVD/CD drives, it is simply seen as a 
blank disk and I only have K3B options from the popup and Kaffeine 
errors out.  Would the choice of audio path cause this kind of response?


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