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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Wed Jan 7 18:56:45 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 07 January 2009 12:51:17 Kishore wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 Jan 2009 5:11:57 pm David Carlos Manuelda wrote:
> > Thanks for the explanation, this answers half of my question but there
> > are still a few problems which I don't really know where they come from.
> > Whe having drawing related issues I understand what is the cause but for
> > example, the delay when you click K menu until it is drawn (until, not
> > while) for 1 or 2 secs + the delay when you click exit until the "logout
> > window" comes up, another 2 secs + the delay when you click some option
> > (reboot, logout, shutdown) until it is proccessed, another 2 secs. I can
> > messure this because I have the clock plasmoid in taskbar configured to
> > show seconds, and in that operations, that clock freezes not updating
> > seconds, so I assume something in kdelibs (or in plasma itself) is doing
> > a heavy work.
> > I can not explain it better, I hope it can be understood.
> > I confirmed that it does not only happen to me in my system or with my
> > nvidia card, and I've been reading lots of stuff in internet of people
> > having this issue too so maybe the problem is kdelibs for KDE4 are not
> > still optimized (just my idea), and thus, I asked in my first post.
> When you are faced with this "slowness" is there also a heavy disk I/O?
> I have a similar issue here where it sometimes takes up few seconds for a
> seemingly trivial task. like opening the kmenu or clock settings or ... But
> this seems to be also related to another bug (atleast in [K]Ubuntu) where
> the system really becomes painfully slow when there is concurrent disk I/O.

Those are the symptoms I was seeing, as well as system freezes.  They appear 
to have been cured by changing the AccelMethod to EXA (in xorg.conf).

> There is not much processor load during these times but "system activity"
> reports several "disk sleeps".

I haven't seen that particular report.

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