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Tue Jan 6 23:41:33 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 2009 January 06 17:20:08 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Thanks for that bit of info. I do know that the release schedules
> differ, but Amarok seems like a flagship KDE application.

The problem is "KDE application" is a bit ambiguous.

Amarok *is* a flagship "KDE application" if by that you mean "an application 
built using the KDE libraries and frameworks".
Amarok is not a "KDE application" if by that you mean "an application 
maintained and released by the KDE project".

Also, "KDE applications" might move between those two, more specific 
classifications during their lifetime.  Plus, I think the KDE project 
sometimes provide resources to "KDE applications" of the first type, even if 
they aren't "KDE applications" of the second type.

There's even a third type of "KDE application": an application installed 
automatically by the majority of distributions when you select "KDE" during 
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