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Kishore kitts.mailinglists at
Tue Jan 6 12:51:10 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 06 Jan 2009 6:05:09 pm Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I have been looking for a KDEvideo player and I've found about six or
> seven that claim to be the KDE video / media player. Is there an
> official KDE video player? Is it Dragon, Kplayer, KMPlayer, Kaffeine,
> or something else?
> I am specifically referring to KDE 4. Thanks.

I think Dragon is the only one that is part of a KDE release, while others 
have their own release cycle. and Dragon is the only video player to be part 
of the kdemultimedia module. But don't quote me! ;)


Ps: Official KDE media player is Juk and not Amarok.
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