Question about KDE 4.2

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Mon Jan 5 18:23:39 GMT 2009

Rex Dieter wrote:
> David Carlos Manuelda wrote:
>> For example, since I click the K button to raise menu until the menu is
>> raised, it is a second or two. The same when running dolphin and clicking
>> in folders for example. I don't note this too much while running them
>> inside a 3.5.10.
> I've never seen such operations take more than an instant, regardless of
> which DE is in use.
> I would venture there's a different explanation other than the general "kde4
> is slower".

This happens if compositing is enabled and a binary-only, proprietary 
NVidia or ATI driver is used or if EXA acceleration is not enabled (in 
the case of open source drivers; the proprietary ones don't support EXA.)

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