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Fri Feb 20 14:11:54 GMT 2009

On Friday 20 Feb 2009 6:53:31 pm Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Friday 20 February 2009 13:01:27 Daniel D Jones wrote:
> > A couple of oddities about Konsole under KDE 4.2.  First, right click
> > doesn't work on my setup.  It gets you absolutely nothing.  Is this a
> > design decision, a configuration option that I'm missing somewhere or
> > something broken on my system?
> What did you expect it to do?

If it does not show any context menu then i would say your setup is broken.

> > Second, sometimes using the mouse scroll wheel scrolls the screen up and
> > down, like using a scroll bar, and sometimes it scrolls through your
> > command history, like hitting the up and down arrow keys.  I haven't
> > found any rhyme or reason for when it does one and when it does the
> > other. Anyone have a clue if that's configurable?
> I've not seen that in konsole, but I've seen it in other things.  I believe
> it happens when I accidentally move the mouse with the Ctrl-key down.
>  Clicking with the Ctrl-key down seems to stop it.

If there is scrollable text (history) in the konsole then it scrolls the 
displayed text. Otherwise, konsole send the up/down key events to the 
application letting it handle it the way it usually dies. This is what you 
saw... where bash (or whatever shell you use) received the up/down key events 
and accordingly displayed command history.
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