creating custom icons for kde 4 desktop

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Thu Feb 19 05:23:32 GMT 2009

Rick Miles wrote:
>   I have asked about this on two threads and apparently no one else saw 
> it as an issue but AFAIC it is really handy among other things to hit an 
> icon that will open up a browser at a predefined URL.

I can do that just fine here.  Right-click on desktop, "Create New->Link 
to location".  I enter "" and there, I just 
created it.  I double-click it, Firefox opens up google/linux.  You 
select the icon, press F2 and can rename it to whatever you want (you 
don't need to keep the ".desktop" suffix).  You can also right-click and 
in the properties select another icon for it.

This is with vanilla, unmodified KDE 4.2.0.

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