Desktop and Panel links and icon's missing. What do

Scott Pancoast SPancoast at
Wed Feb 18 22:57:05 GMT 2009

> Scott Pancoast wrote:
>> I upgraded to KDE4.2. from 3.5.
>> When I upgraded I lost all of my desktop icons. Ok, that happens. 
>> Nothing big.  So I went through the application menu, and added my 
>> favorite desktop Icon's/links back onto my desktop,
> You dragged menu icons to the DeskTop?  Which would mean that you have
> the FolderView selected for your Desktop.
>> and to the panel using the provided right click option.
>> This is where everything took a hard turn left.
>> I worked with the programs used on the desktop for a while then shut
>>  down, so I know the links worked. When I restarted my computer, the
>>  ICONs/links were now the basic Binary file Icon and a non-functional
>>  link. The Icon looked like a page with the corner turned down filled
>>  with stylized 1's and 0's.   The same thing occurred with several of
>>  my panel Icons.
>> I guessed I used kde3 icons / programs.  So I deleted the now defunct
>>  icons and reset/set new ones, using only kde4 icons if possible. 
>> Shut down and restarted.
>> Now, I get the old defunct Icons, and the new icons.
> So, I tried to reproduce your problem and couldn't.
> I don't really know what the problem might be.
> What I can tell you is that the stuff on the DeskTop is actually in a 
> folder: "$HOME/Desktop" is the default.  So, you can go to that folder

> and delete the 'desktop' files that are screwed up.
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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 15:02:24 +0000
From: Anne Wilson <cannewilson at>
Subject: Re: [kde] Desktop and Panel links and icon's missing. What do
	I do
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On Wednesday 18 February 2009 14:14:36 Scott Pancoast wrote:
> Thanks for working with the problem.
> I will track down the pesky little buggers ( plb's :-) ) and eliminate
> the base files.
> I did do your test, creating a panel adding items etc. And it did
> another instance of the binary icon. So I will submit a bug report to
> KDE developers. See if they can track down where and why the plb'
I ignored this thread, thinking it was under control.  Would you like to

summarise the problem in case we have any more ideas?

What I've just seen here is ringing distant bells.  I think something
that happened to me when I first changed F9 over.  While I wait for your

reply I'll try to remember how I dealt with it.



Thanks for the response Anne. 

I am still trying to track down the PLB's they are not where they should
be. $home/Desktop.  AS a matter of fact I can't find anything that
remotely look like an offending .desktop file.

I submitted the bug report. Apparently they have found the error and
fixed it.  But they didn't tell me how to repair the problem on my
I will locate the PLB's.  I guess just not today.


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