KDE 4.1.3, new user questions

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Feb 18 00:42:12 GMT 2009

Jay Mistry wrote:
> I am new to KDE 4.1.3, having just installed it alongside KDE 3.5, on
> openSUSE 11.1 Linux.

Upgrade to 4.2 (or yell at your distro to push 4.2), you'll thank 
yourself ;-).

> - What is the plasmoid (cashew-shaped thing near the right-side of the
> panel and top right of desktop) ?

It helps you configure the desktop. (Not sure why it can't be hidden 
when 'lock widgets' is in effect, as it is on panels. Feature request?)

> How can I get rid of this extra
> 'plasmoid' functions and revert to the 'classic looks' KDE 3.5 desktop
> (with which I am familiar)

See above. If you want icons on the desktop you'll want to change the 
desktop activity (desktop settings->desktop activity->type) to Folder View.

> - The Panel: I find that I cannot move widgets (previously called
> applets/application launchers). The small widget/app-launcher icons
> are stuck to their locations.

WFM. Note that you need to go to Panel Options->Panel Settings first. 
(You must unlock widgets first if they are locked to get to Panel Settings).

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