KDE 4.2: "up" key doesn't work

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Thu Feb 12 11:26:18 GMT 2009

Since the upgrade to KDE 4.2, "up" key on the keyboard doesn't work for 
me (i.e., I can't search back bash history with "up" key, I can't scroll 
the website rendered in Firefox with the "up" key etc.).

"xev", when started, recognizes pressed "Up" key.

The key works *sometimes* for me if I start KDE4's "systemsettings" and 
disable khotkeys daemon (note that it can't be really disabled; it will 
be enabled if you start systemsettings again, even though you just 
disabled it), then log out and log in again.
After the very next login, "up" key won't work again (unless you disable 
khotkeys daemon is system settings, log out, log in...).

The "up" key works fine in KDM (i.e. to pick/change users).

What's interesting, I don't have this problem for a couple of existing 
users (for some existing, I do have this problem).

This problem also concerns newly created user after a couple of 

Any hints what might be wrong? It's really annoying.

Tomasz Chmielewski
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