Plasma extremelly unstable

James J Catchpole james_j_catchpole at
Tue Feb 10 21:18:22 GMT 2009

I had the same type fo problems without doing anything
but accepting the default values; the system would freeze,
after 30 or 40 seconds it would go back to the Logon Screen,
when I logged on I lost my session, and I was back to the beginning;
other times the system froze and I had to power down. I switched
back to Gnome until some more updates arrive.

D. R. Evans wrote:
> David said the following at 02/10/2009 10:11 AM :
>> downloading themes from kde-look) named "Oxyglass" after a while, all plasma 
>> freezes (plasmoids are no longer updated (the CPU one for example, the clock 
>> either...) but you can still click in the task manager to raise/minimize 
>> windows despite it is frozen).
> Yes, I see this, although everything seems to wake up again here after
> something like 30 seconds.
> I found it to be much worse when I was running two panels, with an RSS
> reader in the second panel -- to the point where I removed the second panel
> because the annoyance of having the desktop freeze several times a day was
> just too much.
> I don't understand what could cause the problem. It seemed to be associated
> with a single plasmoid getting blocked. But I have a hard time believing
> that the developers do not spawn all plasmoids as distinct threads (so
> there should be no interaction amongst them), so maybe I was just imagining
> a relationship between a blocked plasmoid and the freezing.
> But I agree that they do all freeze sometimes.
> I have run several themes, and haven't noticed any obvious difference in
> the rate of occurrence of the freezes as a function of the theme.
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