Kmail : problem in checking Gmail with IMAP account type

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Tue Dec 29 14:38:47 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 29 December 2009 13:10:23 farhad hedayati wrote:
> Hi Anne , thanks for replay
Friendly reminder - top-posting is frowned on in technical mailing lists, 
because so many people search for answers in the archives, and top-posting 
destroys the natural way of reading.  By deleting my original part, I've 
restored this to the preferred format :-)

> This is my configuration :
> in General tab:
> Account name : hf.farhad at
> Incomming mail server :
> port : 993
> login : hf.farhad at
> password : mypassword
> checked: Store IMAP password , Include in manual mail check, Enable
>  interval mail checking with 1 minutes check interval.
Everything looks fine there (although a 1 minute check interval might be a bit 
much for most networks - I use 5 minutes). seems to agree 
with you on the other settings.

> in IMAP Settings tab:
> checked : Automatically compact folders, Load attachments on demand, use
> default identity.
> Namespaces are empty ( I didn't change them ).
> Security tab :
> Encryption : Use SSL for secure mail download
> Authentication mode : Clear Text
> Filtering tab: Server supports Sieve is not enabled.
I can't see any problem there either.

> ---------------------
This is where I get confused.  As I said, I don't use gmail's imap - my mail 
is forwarded to another account - so I'm not familiar with the look of KMail 
when using gmail imap.  So, here come the questions, as I try to interpret 
what I'm seeing.

At the top of your list I see what appears to be the account name, and under 
that is an Inbox.  Is that inbox not part of the Gmail setup?

Then, directly under that (and at the same branch-level) there is the [Gmail] 
account, with a greyed-out (virtual?) folder and a set of sub-folders as I'd 
expect to see.  How did that folder and its structure get created?  Is it 
possible that it's the [ and ] in the name that's causing the problem?

What about those other folders, such as TehranLug - do they come in from a 
different account?

The normal structure in KMail is for one top-level Inbox and everything else 
to be subfolders of that, whereas you have many top-level folders, it seems.

> anyway, I disabled "include this folder when checking for new mail" and
>  "Act on new/unread mail in this folder" in [Gmail] folder's properties
>  (see the above link) and now I don't get the error anymore , but I think
>  should would be another way for fixing this problem instead of completely
>  preventing kmail from using the folder! :P
Yes, there has to be a way of sorting this, because I know that some people do 
use it.  Unfortunately, many people are still away due to holiday family 
visits, so responses may be slower than usual, so I'll help all I can.

Meanwhile, you were right to remove the Gmail folder from the automatic 
actions, but enable it in manual checks, so that you can see whether any 
changes you make have the right effect.

That error message is niggling me - The server replied: Unknown Mailbox: 
[Gmail] .  It sounds as though gmail is getting that as your username?

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