Plasma problem

Santanu Chatterjee thisissantanu at
Mon Dec 28 15:29:14 GMT 2009

Hello Everybody,

I am new to KDE4 (just installed openSUSE11.2 and playing with KDE4).
>From what I understand, this Plasma thing is probably the entire
desktop that I interact with in KDE... right?

Anyways, the thing that I absolutely can't live without and couldn't
figure out yet:
What is the shortcut for accessing the Desktop Folder widget (or any
individual widget for that matter)? Any method that works.

Consider this scenario:
My desktop is filled with application windows. I can't see the desktop
underneath. Suddenly I want to find out the network speed, for which I
am using a plasma widget. I can press the shortcut Ctrl+F12, and I can
see the widgets on the desktop. Fine. But what if I want to use just
the keyboard (as is my habit) to select any item on the Desktop Folder

After some search, I found that I can in fact associate a shortcut to
any widget. For example, I used Meta+F for "activating" the Desktop
Folder widget. But when I press that shortcut... nothing happens!
Either this is some bug, or I am misunderstanding something about
"widget selection" thing.

I was expecting that after pressing the shortcut, I should be able to
just use Up/Down keys to select an item (say, Firefox icon) in the
Desktop Folder and press enter to open it.

What I am doing wrong?

Santanu Chatterjee
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