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spir denis.spir at
Thu Dec 24 08:35:24 GMT 2009


I'm aware this question is ~ OT, not really kde related, but have no idea where else to post it, and surely many people here know the answer.
To install new software (actually, the language Io, for which there seems to be no package), I had to type:

su -c "sudo make aptget"

This will not work. I'm asked for a password, then get "su: Authentication failure". Well, this simply cannot be, for I have only one admin password AFAIK and it works fine for sudo and kdesudo. I tried an old password I had long time ago (changed to make it more difficult), in case the one for 'su' may have sticked to old times while the one for sudo has changed, but it is not accepted neither.

I take the opportunity to ask about the use of 'su' in a normal user session.
Also, is there another way to perform the above action?


la vita e estrany
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