KDE themes mouse cursor

Bob Stia rnr at sanctum.com
Thu Dec 24 04:43:07 GMT 2009

Hello KDE4 people,

I am very sight impaired. (macular degeneration)

I have a very difficult time seeing many things on the themes shipped with 
11.2. Oxygen is the best so far but not great. I need something with lots of 
contrast bold fonts of a decent size etc. Don't need or want glitz. Just 
plain easily readable stuff.

I've gone to KDE look and searched for themes but it is hard to tell what they 
actually look like unless you download and install them. That could take 
forever. Hopefully some of you out there have seen a theme that I can use.

Also need to find a bigger bolder mouse pointer. How does one find that in 
KDE4?  I have searched all through the desktop settings without finding it.


Bob S
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