Dolphin starts programs with a wrong current directory

Torsten Frey torsten at
Mon Dec 14 00:16:46 GMT 2009

> Perhaps it's my inability at explaining myself clearly that all replies
> miss the point.
> Anyway, I am letting this rest and consider myself happy that everyone
> concerned runs Gnome and XP and let Dolphin have its "*ix way."
Hi Nikos,

I tried this - as I have understood your problem! If that does not fit I 

I created a little textfile test.txt with content "Hello World".
I created a little bash-script "" 
My (your?) goal is to open the "application" ""  with the test.txt that 
is in the same directory.
./kate test.txt

Test #1 from command line: ./
This opens kate and shows in the header "test.txt" and content "Hello world"

Test #2 from dolphin
This opens kate and shows in the header "test".txt" but NO content!
If I do "save as" folder /home/me/Documents is shown by default.

This is the folder, that is defined as default in system settings -> 
tab "General" -> group "Personal" -> "about 
me" -> "Paths" for my documents

e.g path to Desktop, Documents, Downloads, .

Test #3 from konqueror
the same as dolphin

Test #4
Installed non-KDE-filemanager (GUI) PCMan File Manager /usr/bin/pcmanfm
This opens kate and shows "test.txt" in the header and content "Hello World"

Test #5
Changed in the settings the path /home/me/documents to /home/me/bin. The I 
logged off/in and the files followed the new directory.

My conclusion: 
Both dolphin and konquerer as KDE applications behave the same. They both do 
_NOT_ look first in the current directory to see if the file "test.txt" 
exists. They look at the "KDE-documents-path" and try to open the file at 
this location. It seems to be a KDE thing and not dolphin-specific.

The cli and the non-KDE-filemanager search in the current directory for the 
file test.txt and do ignore the KDE-Path-settings (as they surely do not know 
about this specfic KDE-settings).

I must admit that I did not expect that behaviour. I would expect that the 
current directory is searched first. If that fails, then the search paths 
should be relevant. But I am not expert anough to decide if 
KDE/dolphin/konqueror are doing wrong, or if my expectations are wrong!?

so in my case I would have change my "application" to 
kate ./bin/test.txt

Really hope it is a liitle help or at least a hint.

Regards, Torsten

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