lost *all* settings; and more!

spir denis.spir at free.fr
Sat Dec 12 10:03:04 GMT 2009


Found a serious bug. (Will file bug report later, but now urgency is to try and get back lost data.)
In settings/general/about me/paths, I tried to change the 'Download path' to /home/spir/import. And seemingly lost *all* settings, plus very important data.

Have lost panels, menus, all visual params including colors, mouse & even numlock, default apps, users,...
But when I mean all settings, I mean not only kde's, but also the ones for every app I managed to find back as of now: viewer, music player, email client, etc. Including firefox. Now I realize I have also lost much data such as firefox bookmarks, all my email client _address book_ and more! I had to search for the address of kde's mailing list.

After the action of changing the download folder to /import, suddenly my home dir was nearly empty; even hidden files had disappeared. And all apps behaved strangely. I found a whole mess in /import that was previously empty. Seems what happened is that the whole content of my home dir was moved to /import for any reason; including .* hidden dirs; except for a few folders that also were pointed in settings (Desktop, pics, ...). Seemed all was there at first signt; so, I manually moved back all the content of /import into my home dir. But this didn't solve the loss of settings and data.
Tried a restart --> no change.

I have savings for all super important data but they are not such usable because I recently changed the system itself several times. And experience shows transfer/conversion is always hard and uncertain for each bit of data.


la vita e estrany

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