Why KDE4 is called KDE? - Daciron Smith

John john_82 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Dec 11 11:55:36 GMT 2009

I nearly posted following Kevin's comment on microshaft and c++. Lets go back 
to visual studio 4.  That was about the time that they started showing signs 
of doing something about the insane amount of  typing involved in writing a 
windoze program, not they have even now.  Much more could be done by the 
complier.  This version of vs could come with a training video and it used 
part of office as an example but clearly stated that this wasn't actually 
written in C++ or C for that matter. Strong rumour at that time suggested 
they were using pascal but I wouldn't be at all surprised if this included a 
p code compiler. If I was Gates I would want my people using something far 
more productive than the suites they sell. This in my view is what led to the 
demise of Borland that actually a few people still seem able to use. It was 
too good. Microsoft have killed of a lot of competition over the years and 
not by offering superior products.

At one point and maybe even now it was possible to get the entire windoze 
source written in C++ but once again this isn't what they actually use. 
That's 2nd hand info as far as I'm concerned but I believe it's true.

On Daciron's comments on Vista uptake. True many have stuck with XP just as 
many stuck with nt or 2000 but eventually uptake will be nigh on 100% for the 
simple reason that they sell it cheap with new pc's. It takes time but always 
does work in the end. That rather expensive CD with evolve until it has just 
about everything a typical end user wants on it and yet more competition will 
fall into the dust. In that respect the only hope really is that some one 
nukes the place - :) so as to speak. Monopoly commisions  etc aren't prepared 
to do anything about it for obvious reasons.

Gates and languages is an interesting subject. My view is that they change and 
encourage change in  variety  of ways just to sell product. Developers are a 
very lucrative market and rather than evolving a compiler why not just change 
the language or evolve in a way that means users must change. There is a lot 
more ,money in it. The words patent  and copywright  spring to mind.

Tempted to comment on C, C+,C++ and their evolution, the reason for them and 
why they happened but wont. Much but by no means all has to do with Gates. 
Afraid I pre date all of them but I'll still try kde4 when its' more stable. 
I don't mind change but am getting the impression it's lost it's way a 
little. I will also be interested to see if I can import all of my email 
files and settings at one stroke as I will install onto a clean machine.

Snipped all of Mr Smith's post

Thanks for the mention of gambas must look at that.
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