Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Dec 10 20:25:07 GMT 2009

Draciron Smith posted on Thu, 10 Dec 2009 00:35:53 -0600 as excerpted:

> Wrong you can only add items which are ALREADY in the menu. For example
> I always install Firefox from a tarball since I want security patches as
> soon as they happen sometimes.  Old way was I just edited the icon/path
> and it was all good. A simple right click and browse too the file and if
> I needed too edit the command line to be passed too it.

1) Run kmenuedit.

2) Open the submenu you want to place the new menu item in.

3) Right click on the submenu, or choose the file action from the menubar 
above, or click the new item icon.

4) Type in the item name (as it should appear in the menu) in the 
resulting dialog and click OK or hit enter.

5) Set the command as appropriate.  If it's in your path, just the name 
should do.  If it's not in the path, add the full path as well.  Type in 
any additional parameters as needed.

6) Click the question mark icon and choose a suitable replacement.

7) If desired, fill in comment and description, and ensure that the 
appropriate options are checked or not for launch feedback, system tray, 
and only KDE.

8) Switch to the advanced tab and if needed, set initial working 
directory, run in terminal (and fill in additional options if needed), 
run as a different user and fill it in if need, and set a shortcut key if 

9) Save the changes, using the file menu option or the save icon.

Viola!  You just did "the impossible", according to you, adding an item 
that was not ALREADY in the menu.  Further, you can add CLI apps as well, 
setting them to run in a konsole/terminal window or not (step 8), as 
desired.  Exactly as I said, too, using the menu editor, available from 
the context menu for the kickoff icon.  FWIW, that also appears as an 
item on the classic menu plasmoid's context menu.  That's the exact same 
place the option was available in kde3, or you can run kmenuedit from a 
konsole or krunner, just as with kde3.

So why don't you have a firefox menu item already?  Certainly, the 
process to add it would have taken far less time than the time you've 
wasted complaining about it, AND having to launch it otherwise, 
meanwhile.  (FWIW, I use konqueror for regular browsing, and when I start 
icecat, the generic firefox, doing so from krunner will be far easier 
than browsing thru the menu for it, so I've not bothered adding it, but 
despite your claims, it's certainly possible to do.)

Now, one thing that is apparently not possible (yet) with either kickoff 
or the classic menu (and it doesn't appear it's in lancelot either, I 
just checked), is to open the menu, right click on the item itself, and 
pop open kmenuedit with the appropriate item or submenu already 
selected.  I'd call that a bug, one of too many remaining that together 
are the reason I don't call kde4 ready for normal use just yet, but 
that's a point for just that, that it's still beta software, and while 
that remains true, kde3 support should have remained in place, not a 
point for condemning all of kde4 entirely.

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