Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 13:45:26 GMT 2009

> a) mounting/unmounting devices requires using Dolphin. FolderView icons are
> possible but they don't work (users can't mount anything), so they are
> useless. Seems to be a bug in a library, so "there is a bug for that", but it
> does not help me if it's not squashed.

You could help by commenting or voting for the bug.

> There are lots of othert anoyments, icons too big,

Please comment here:

Don't just read the bugs, comment on how they affect you.

> clumsy panel,

Please provide more detail. Thanks.

> 1) I stick to KDE 3 as long as possible

That is fine, but you should help iron out the bugs in KDE 4 that
still affect you so that you can switch when KDE 3 is no longer

> 2) I am getting nervous when I see that KDE 4 is _still_ not ready for
> everyday use (I was told it would be with 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 ......)

Nobody ever said that KDE 4.1 would be ready for everyday use. KDE 4.2
was for most end users, and KDE 4.3 improved on that. Now there are
just the occasional issue here and there that most people who have
never seen KDE 3 don't miss, but for those that the issue does affect
they are major issues. You have to be explicit about what you need at
this point, else KDE 4.4, 4.5, etc. will also not be ready for _your_
everyday use.

> 3) I am still reading this list with the hope to discover, one day, that I can
> replace 3.5 by 4.x ............

Only when you let us know what you need.

Dotan Cohen

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