Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Draciron Smith draciron at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 10:31:21 GMT 2009

Seemed a might defensive too me, like I stepped all over a raw nerve.
I think the point she wanted to make is that KDE is a complex piece of
software and isolating a specific area is not so simple as everything
is interdependent. Her implication that I was a simpleton and
incapable of understanding this concept was imflamitory and unhelpful
to the conversation.  I've worked on large and involved projects
before. I understand the dynamics and the issues involved in large
complex software. Particulers I don't but I'm making inquiries right
now to get a better idea of just what a fork would be up against.

Given the .kde in her email addy I think technical is the least of our
worries. Resentment from some elements of the KDE project might be a
much bigger hurdle than the actual coding. For the fork to work we'll
need generous help early on getting off the ground with it and we'll
need considerations too keep future versions compatable unless we fork
the entire project. If Lydia is an example of the reaction the KDE
community will have forking off just the UI will not be possible.

Reminds me of an IBM project I was on. I was asked to fix a bug but
the IBM group who had the source code I was supposed to fix the bug in
refused to give me a copy of the source code. After a couple weeks I
gave up and rewrote the whole thing from scratch.

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 4:20 AM, spir <denis.spir at free.fr> wrote:
> Lydia Pintscher <lydia at kde.org> dixit:
>> You should learn your history...
>> K3B vs whatever is nothing like KDE 4 vs KDE 3 like you are trying to
>> spin it here.
> [...]
>> You have a completely wrong idea about how many people are working on K3B.
>> Cheers
>> Lydia
> Is this supposed to be a helpful contribution to the discussion? What do _you_ think?
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