Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Lydia Pintscher lydia at kde.org
Thu Dec 10 09:24:53 GMT 2009

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 07:59, Draciron Smith <draciron at gmail.com> wrote:
> So a fork is necessary rather than individual tweaking. That's where
> we disagree. Forks happen all the time. Audacious if I remember
> correctly was a fork off XMMS. Wasn't K3b a fork off something earlier
> and primitive? Don't remember but man I am glad they created it. Until
> K3b came out I did all my burning from the command line. No viable GUI
> alternate really. What was out there was buggy at best and unusuable
> as often as not.  KDE itself is the result of a group of dissatisfied
> users who got together to do something about the horrid UIs out there
> at the time. Before KDE I was using FWC something or another. Man that
> was clumsy and bereft of features. Gnome wasn't any bettter, more
> features but more bugs too. Those were the only two in existence far
> as I knew. Then I found KDE and fell in love with it imediately.
> Wasn't offered by any of the major distros yet. Had to hand compile it
> and chase down a ton of dependencies but it was well worth it.  When
> Redhat started offering it as an RPM and part of the default installs
> I was overjoyed.

You should learn your history...
K3B vs whatever is nothing like KDE 4 vs KDE 3 like you are trying to
spin it here.

>> To go back to the origin of this talk, obviously telling a normal user either
>> to join the devs and code some functionalities himself, or to tell him that
>> the KDE 3 code is free and he can continue developping it himself is just
>> ridiculous.
> One person yes. A group no. A group can accomplish a great deal. Look
> at Ardour or Rosegarden or the Gimp or K3b. One man couldn't write and
> maintain those. A group does and can.  All of them arose from
> dissatisfaction with what existed out there at the time. There is a
> great deal of dissatisfaction with KDE 4. Thus a fertile bed for a
> split. Depends on whether the right people get involved or not.

You have a completely wrong idea about how many people are working on K3B.


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