Why KDE4 is called KDE?

spir denis.spir at free.fr
Wed Dec 9 17:55:39 GMT 2009

Eyolf Ă˜strem <eyolf at oestrem.com> dixit:

> As I started out saying: I endorse the ideological side of FOSS
> completely; Richard Stallman is one of my true idols, not only for what he
> is doing for software (sorry: for humanity, in the area of software, I meant
> to say..). My main point was that even though free open software
> ideologically is empowering people on the general level, that is a very
> remote concept for ME as an end user in the specific situation when I've
> e.g. upgraded my installation of kde and a lot of customization options
> are gone. The only way in PRACTICE the regular end-user is empowered, is
> through the control he is given over the interaction with the program,
> through customization and documentation.
> Without that control, an open source application is just as much a
> black box to me as a closed source one.
> Of course, developers are free to develop whichever way they want. I just
> wish they would use their power to empower me too, in the way mentioned,
> not just in the general, ideological way, and I am of the opinion  that
> the openness of the source code is over-exploited as an argument in favour
> of FOSS. The argument looses its force by becoming too wide a claim.



la vita e estrany

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