Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Dec 9 00:13:35 GMT 2009

Thierry de Coulon posted on Tue, 08 Dec 2009 16:47:51 +0100 as excerpted:

> Being optimistic and KDE lover I want to believe too :)

What a lot of people here seem to forget is that it's real easy to simply 
drop an app -- or even an entire desktop environment or software 
collection -- and walk away, finding others to use.  Any poster who has 
actually taken the time to dig up these lists, probably subscribe, 
possibly read some past posts in the archives to get a feel for things 
before they post (yes, I realize that's old-school these days, but some 
of us still do it), then formulate a post, has already demonstrated that 
they care FAR more about KDE, simply by posting in the first place, than 
the ordinary joe blow, who simply doesn't give a <care>, and is already 
long gone onto the next "software collection" without the list ever 
reading a peep about it.

It's exactly that kind of user that has already demonstrated by their 
actions that they actually /care/ about kde, /regardless/ of the words of 
the post (and let's face it, people posting here for the first time are 
often very very frustrated, having wrestled with the issue on their own 
for some time, likely googling and/or posting to other lists/forums with 
no results, before coming here, so a bit less than their best behavior is 
unfortunately probably to be expected), that we shouldn't be attacking 
and trying to drive away, instead of actually trying to help.

That was certainly the case here.  I spent countless hours, WAYYY more 
than I'd have been able to do if I was actually trying to use my desktop 
for real work, chasing down and trying to fix issues with kde4 on my own, 
often googling, reading back to before kde4.0 on the list (skimming that 
far back, reading in more detail as I worked my way forward), then I come 
here, obviously rather frustrated by then, and get attacked as if I 
didn't even /care/ about KDE, after spending /all/ those hours looking 
for solutions.  Let's face facts.  If I didn't care, I'd not be here, I'd 
be on to something else.  Similarly, if I DID care, but was actually 
using my desktop for real work, I'd be onto something else, because all 
told, I spent WELL in excess of 100 hours searching, customizing, 
scripting my own workarounds for broken stuff, etc, all the while being 
attacked for not caring or simply wanting to be negative, by certain 
posters here.  That's (conservatively) over 2.5 weeks of full-time work 
equivalence.  Even at minimum wage, how much would that be?  Certainly 
enough to buy even MSWormOS Ultimate, with enough money left over for at 
least a basic set of proprietary apps, if I were into that sort of 
thing.  I could have even done that with the hardware thrown in as well, 
if I shopped around, and/or settled for something a bit less than 

THAT'S the value I place on KDE!  THAT'S why I'm still here, despite the 
time invested, despite the attacks, despite posters saying I'm spouting 
FUD and (IIRC) that I was flat-out lying!  I must either REALLY believe 
and be REALLY dedicated, or a fool, tho it should be noted that those 
aren't exclusive possibilities.

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