Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 8 17:45:07 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 08 December 2009 14:10:34 Michael Neumeier wrote:
> So summing it up: If KDE users are complaining about KDE 4, the project
>  should have a look at these complaints and then decide if they want to
>  consider these complaints for further roadmap - just ignoring opinions of
>  users will certainly not be the right way. On the other side, if users do
>  really not like KDE 4, they have the freedom to change their desktop
>  environment - even if they´re not happy about this. And this is what I´m
>  looking for a little bit in this discussion: How do members of the KDE
>  project see this? It would be kind to have an answer to this.
In fact the developers have given way, much against their better judgement, to 
some of these complaints.  One obvious example is in providing the folderview 
desktop.  Originally it was a statement of fact that the plasma desktop was 
not the same as a 3.5 desktop, and if you wanted quick access to it you should 
use the folderview that is provided when the standard desktop starts up.  So 
many people complained that they couldn't fit all their files and trash-cans 
onto that limited view that in the end the developers came up with an 
alternative desktop that acts almost as though it were a 3.5 desktop. Of 
course it is really a folderview containment filling the whole screen, but if 
users wanted that to be their desktop view it was made easy for them.

There have been other instances too, but at the moment I can't think of 
specifics that are as clear as this example.

As you say, developers are free to develop what takes their interest, and 
users are free to choose whether to use it in its entirely, in part, or not at 

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