Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at decoulon.ch
Tue Dec 8 15:47:51 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 08 December 2009, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> I am not sure if this "you didn't not pay for it" ever comes from a
> contributor even less a developer.

It came from Anne Wilson

> What I've seen though is people saying that their priorities are working on
> the concepts they think will give the best possible result. I've so far
> never experienced an exchange where developers said that they will actively
> block any work in any other direction.

I never said I think they would. I'm sure they are very nice people even if 
they did not do what I wish until now.

> Hmm, when I switched earlier this year (around April IIRC), I've only found
> parts of the workspace to be different, mainly desktop and panel.
> Everything else, including other parts of the workspace like the window
> manager, seemed to be just differently styled (though I could have switched
> back to Plastique if I would have wanted to).
> What are the applications and features that have changed for other people?

My showstopper is the mounting policy. As of now, there are two problems:

a) mounting/unmounting devices requires using Dolphin. FolderView icons are 
possible but they don't work (users can't mount anything), so they are 
useless. Seems to be a bug in a library, so "there is a bug for that", but it 
does not help me if it's not squashed.

b) the same applies for nfs shares but that blocks all my work. I regularely 
use shares that are on a "server" that is not always on. So I can't mount the 
shares at boot, and I can't mount them later either (well, I can at the 
command line of course).

There are lots of othert anoyments, icons too big, clumsy panel, not yet 
working apps and fear that they brake my e-mail on the next release. All this 
explains why:

1) I stick to KDE 3 as long as possible
2) I am getting nervous when I see that KDE 4 is _still_ not ready for 
everyday use (I was told it would be with 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 ......)
3) I am still reading this list with the hope to discover, one day, that I can 
replace 3.5 by 4.x ............

> > Of course this is a caricature, but it is sort of how I feel the KDE devs
> > are "represented" on this list.
> Yes, could be, but a lot of the over generalization happend due to not
> being able to address certain KDE products separately, so people
> complaining about one such product would do that in a form that leads to
> misinterpretation and thus actually unrelated reactions.

Good point. Seems to me that most "rants" fall in one of two categories:

- app flaws / bugs / unstability

- KDE 4 Desktop is not (doing what) KDE 3 Desktop (was doing)

I am most concerned by the second (actually I can use KDE 4 apps from the KDE 
3 Desktop for the time) so perhaps we should establish a separate ranting 
ground for KDE 4 Desktop unsatisfied? 

> I am confident that this will improve a lot over the next couple of months
> when it will become easier for discussion participants to see which product
> is actually discussed.
> Cheers,
> Kevin

Being optimistic and KDE lover I want to believe too :)




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