Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Steven Crooks steven at worldofcrooks.org
Tue Dec 8 14:27:20 GMT 2009

On Monday 07 December 2009 20:04:14 Istvan Gabor wrote:
> 1. I would like to set my panel size to 46 points.

Unlock widgets -> open panel-options (click on the "cashew" in the panel) -> 
grab the "Height"-button an drag the panel to your preferred size.

> In this panel I would
>  like to set my clock as follows: time is shown as HH:MM:SS in boldface
>  Sans Serif (ie Arial on my system) 17 points. Below this I would like the
>  date to be shown as YYYY-MM-DD in normal Sans Serif 12 points size. How
>  can I do this?

Install the "adjustable clock" widget from kde-look.org -> http://www.kde-
> 2. I would like removable media icons (such as USB flash disk, CD-ROM, DVD,
>  digital camera) to be placed onto the desktop when plugged in. I would
>  like to be able to mount and unmount them manually, and remove them safely
>  (ie eject, safely remove options in KDE3.5).

Open the widget-explorer (rightclick on desktop -> "Add Widgets") and drag the 
widget "Device Notifier" on the desktop. As an alternative use the "Device 
Manager" from (again :) ) kde-look.org -> http://www.kde-
It works like a charm on my box, but it's not supported anymore.

> 3. I would like in certain cases to hide the panel manually. Autohide is
>  not what I want.

Ok, one point for you, that's not possible at the moment iirc. You're missing 
the hide-arrows, right?

> 4. I would like to set panel transparency, background image. I could not
>  find out how. I would like to use classical appearance, where I can see
>  the borders of the tasks and widgets on the panel. How?

Install/select a theme with a transparent or semi-transparent panel. There are 
almost countless of them to be found on kde-look.org. I think, there must be 
something that fits your needs. If really not, combine all your favorite 
aspects of any theme to a new, personal one -> systemsettings -> Advanced -> 
Desktop Theme Details.
When done rightclick on desktop -> Desktop Settings -> choose "Customized" as 

> 5. I don't want to see those large bubbles when I move the mouse over a
>  widget. How can I disable them? I would like to see normal, thin tooltips.

I think, this will come. As it is just a minor "issue", it might be low 
priorized. To me, it's just lightly bothering

> 6. I would like to see borders between system tray, taskbar, and other
>  widgets. (In KDE3 they were called apllet handles.)

I always hated them in KDE3 and was happy, when the option to lock the panel 
came into KDE. But right, there are none in KDE4 (yet?).

> 7. I could not find out how to set theme/lookout so that it would look like
>  my openSUSE KDE3.5 theme.

Well, that's your personal thing. You can't expect that anybody knows, how you 
like your desktop-settings.

> As for your remark about FUD: my message is not FUD. Everything I wrote in
>  it is based on my personal experience.

That might have been your intention, but your post, without being specific at 
any of your complaints, _was_ FUD, well, at least it was moaning.

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