Why KDE4 is called KDE?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 08:50:04 GMT 2009

>>> 2. I would like removable media icons (such as USB flash disk, CD-ROM,
>>> DVD, digital camera) to be placed onto the desktop when plugged in. I
>>> would like to be able to mount and unmount them manually, and remove
>>> them safely (ie eject, safely remove options in KDE3.5).
>> There is a bug for that.
> The way that works has simply changed.  Maybe the old way of handling it
> will be a configurable option in the future, maybe not, but there are
> ways of handling it now, tho you may not like them as well...  Perhaps an
> explanation of the new ways, and how to use them, is in order?  (I'll not
> do it here because I don't know if you don't understand the new ways, or
> simple were expressing a preference for the old ones.  Just ask if you
> want an explanation, tho.)

There are valid use cases for the "old way" which the new way does not
satisfy. Here is the bu, for reference:
Ability to add Storage devices, Trash, Home, Network to Show Folder desktop view

>>> 3. I would like in certain cases to hide the panel manually. Autohide
>>> is not what I want.
>> There is a bug for that.
> That is one of the remaining big annoyances here, as well.  I didn't know
> there was a bug, but figured the feature would eventually appear in any
> case.

Here you go:
Manual hiding of panel

>>> 4. I would like to set panel transparency, background image. I could
>>> not find out how. I would like to use classical appearance, where I can
>>> see the borders of the tasks and widgets on the panel. How?
>> There is a bug for that.
> Panel transparency depends on your plasma theme.  There's quite a range
> at kdelook.org.  I prefer the Professional theme as panels are quite
> transparent, yet it has a visible panel border, etc.
> Also note that panel transparency depends on xorg's composite (and/or
> OpenGL/3D) at present.  If your graphics subsystem is sufficiently old
> (or new and unsupported by X except as an unaccelerated framebuffer or
> the like), it likely won't work, or will be buggy.
> Panel background image would be entirely different (transparency would
> simply show the desktop wallpaper, or the apps under the panel if you
> have the option set to let them under it).  That has been a fairly
> frequent request, so it's no surprise there's at least one bug (probably
> with a bunch of dups) for that.

This one is a WONTFIX for technical reasons, despite a technical
solution being presented. Please leave a detailed comment about this
on the bug so that it could be reopened. Thanks.
Panel transparency control regardless of theme

>>> 5. I don't want to see those large bubbles when I move the mouse over a
>>> widget. How can I disable them? I would like to see normal, thin
>>> tooltips.
>> There is a bug for that.
> Tooltips can be disabled in various places, and I think the bubbles
> qualify as tooltips in that regard, but I wasn't aware of any bug on it,
> tho I'm not surprised now that I read about it, because while I like
> them, KDE has traditionally made such things configurable, recognizing
> that not everybody likes the same thing.

In Plasma the tooltips cannot be disabled:
Disable plasma panel tooltips

>>> 6. I would like to see borders between system tray, taskbar, and other
>>> widgets. (In KDE3 they were called apllet handles.)
>> There is a bug for that.
> Certain plasma themes may handle that, I'm not sure.  However, even if
> they do, I think it's unlikely you'll get that and transparent panels
> (above) in the same theme as they don't really go together.

Can someone find this? I am no longer sure that this bug was filed.
The OP is welcome to file it and link to it from here so that we can

>>> I have a system with a 2.4 GHz CPU and ~700 MB of RAM. I guess many
>>> people has computers with weaker resources. KDE3 runs pretty smooth on
>>> this computer. KDE4 is noticeably slower.
>> I actually find KDE 4 to be snappier on older hardware than KDE 3,
>> especially with dual-core CPUs. It looks terrible as there are no
>> non-composting effects, but it flies.
> This is true.  Turn off all the effects and kde4 runs quite fast -- but
> is ugly.

You might be interested in this bug then, also a WONTFIX:
Please add simple windowing effects for non-composting users

Dotan Cohen

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