Why KDE4 is called KDE?

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Tue Dec 8 06:25:31 GMT 2009

I'm jumping in on this one also.

All of you that have been using KDE4 for a while and want to attack
the new KDE4 users take a chill pill. For those of us that only moved
to KDE4 recently, it is a big change and confusing. I moved to the new
KDE4 by choice about two months ago, but did not know what I was
getting into. Now I am settled and the DE works for me. Next time
someone posts a semi-b_tch post don't attack them, maybe they are just
frustrated and need some direction to get passed the shock and
confusion. Not all posts that appear to attack KDE4 are trolls, FUD or
some other negative. They are people just venting out of frustration.
I watched this list for a long time when KDE4 came out and I decided
to just stay where I was for at least a year. I should have waited
longer, but I didn't, I am here now and I will stay.
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