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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Dec 1 18:35:29 GMT 2009

> FWIW, that's part of the problem, some settings are NOT exposed directly,
> but are set "automagically", in ways entirely unintuitive and
> unpredicatable to the typical sysadmin type used to being able to set
> something and have it affect just that, not that and a half dozen other
> things there was no warning would change as they don't appear to be
> connected at all to the setting that was actually changed.
> It wouldn't be half as complicated, if various items weren't
> "automagically" set, to what could well be entirely unsuitable half-way
> colors, based on the setting of not one but two (maybe more?) other
> settings.  If those half-way settings were exposed as directly settable
> in themselves, the side effects of setting one thing and having it affect
> something else entirely unexpected, because it wasn't even the specified
> color, would disappear, making the entire thing much more directly and
> intuitively cause-effect predictable, and thus much less complicated,
> even if there ends up being five times the actual number of settings to
> tweak.

This is quite another argument in favor of separate "regular user"
settings and "advanced settings". VLC does this so well, I only wish
that KDE would as well, especially for UI configuration situations in
which usability/accessibility are concerned.

Dotan Cohen
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