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Tue Dec 1 01:26:34 GMT 2009

Anne Wilson posted on Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:40:38 +0000 as excerpted:

> On Sunday 29 November 2009 18:24:28 spir wrote:
>> As a general remark, current kde color settings system is far, far, too
>> big
>>  & complicated.
> It is not expected that most people will fiddle with these details. 
> Usually, choosing a theme to suit your needs is adequate.  For those
> that do feel the need, giving access to as many items as possible is the
> only way to address that - as you can see from reading Dotan's thread.

FWIW, that's part of the problem, some settings are NOT exposed directly, 
but are set "automagically", in ways entirely unintuitive and 
unpredicatable to the typical sysadmin type used to being able to set 
something and have it affect just that, not that and a half dozen other 
things there was no warning would change as they don't appear to be 
connected at all to the setting that was actually changed.

It wouldn't be half as complicated, if various items weren't 
"automagically" set, to what could well be entirely unsuitable half-way 
colors, based on the setting of not one but two (maybe more?) other 
settings.  If those half-way settings were exposed as directly settable 
in themselves, the side effects of setting one thing and having it affect 
something else entirely unexpected, because it wasn't even the specified 
color, would disappear, making the entire thing much more directly and 
intuitively cause-effect predictable, and thus much less complicated, 
even if there ends up being five times the actual number of settings to 

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