Permission to mount denied by Policy. What Policy?

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at
Mon Aug 24 15:17:44 BST 2009

On 08/24/2009 Duncan wrote:
>  But either way, lest there be any confusion, I'm glad you did post
>  the
>  clarification.  But still the fact remains, I /do/ view such "behind
>  my
>  back" mounts with a bit of suspicion.  If I want it mounted, I'll
>  ****
>  well mount it myself! =:^)  And yes, I /do/ realize that qualifies me
>  as
>  a bit of an old fogey in the eyes of some, but it's my viewpoint,
>  regardless, old fogey tho I might then be.

That's the problem with "Old Fogeys". Always afraid of the newest 
conveniences. *<]:oD

I feel like auto-mounting the other drives on my own computer, and my 
own devices, is ok. It's highly unlikely that I'm going to knowingly 
install some file on my own devices that would be malicious. 
Auto-mounting strange disks/devices should in most instances be viewed 
with suspicion.

Back to the OP's issue. He was trying to move things from one drive on 
his computer to another. IMHO, that should be as nearly invisible as it 
can be.

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