Permission to mount denied by Policy. What Policy?

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Mon Aug 24 13:51:13 BST 2009

On 08/24/2009 09:57 AM, Duncan wrote:
> FWIW, I tend to view with suspicion any automatic mounting, etc.  If I
> want it mounted, I'll **** well /tell/ the system I want it mounted.   As
> such, I'm not too fond of all this new fangled HAL stuff, especially when
> it tries to automount CDs elsewhere than the fstab config says they
> should be mounted, thus interfering with k3b's disk verification step,
> the problem I had a year or so ago.  If it would have just left the ****
> thing alone and let the normal fstab, etc configuration do its thing,
> everything would have been fine, but no, hal had to get in the middle of
> things and screw things up!
> But of course, I'm running Gentoo, and have been running Linux since just
> passed the turn of the century (2001), so am used to doing it manually
> from way back then.  I thus suppose it's someone natural that I'd view
> the newcomer that's trying to interfere with the "proper" functioning of
> things with a bit of suspicion.  Newbie Ubuntu users and etc, fresh from
> MSWormOS, where such things are normally handled automatically -- with an
> autorun that will "helpfully" install a virus or rootkit (rf: the Sony
> rootkit fiasco) if the disk is setup that way -- will no doubt have a
> rather different perspective, and appreciate the automatic handling that
> I view with suspicion -- for good reason, given the problems it has
> caused on MSWormOS.  But to each his own, as they say...  Just keep that
> stuff away from me (tho I /did/ just recently configure xorg for input
> hotplugging based on hal -- but keyboards and mice don't tend to be
> malware carriers and give the machine viruses, etc -- tho of course the
> behavior of the users behind those keyboards and mice just might do so!).

You're overreacting a bit and are perhaps even spreading panic.

I want to point out two things for everyone:

   1) You're still responsible for mounting (by clicking on the icon).
      If you don't click it, it doesn't get mounted.

   2) HAL will *not* run any software from the mounted device (be it a
      DVD/CD or a hard drive.)  Even if things would get mounted without
      your consent, no executables are run from that filesystem and thus
      there's no "malware threat".

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