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Bluescreen_avenger posted on Sun, 23 Aug 2009 14:56:03 -0400 as excerpted:

> sorry about the HTML I was sending earlier.

Thanks for turning it off. =:^)

> Anyway I was just wondering if Widget themes (as in Skultpure and
> QtCurve) can access the ARGB channel so that menu bars and tool bars can
> be transparent.

I don't know the answer to that directly, but I'll tell you where I'd 
likely look if I were trying to find out. =:^) -- aka the 
site that all those "get new stuff" links integrated into various parts 
of KDE point to, has a lot of Skulpture and perhaps QtCurve based themes, 
etc.  I'd check thru them, both trying them to see if they affected that, 
and reading the blurbs and comments on each.  The answer is likely to be 
found there.

Additionally, this doesn't directly answer your question, but if you're 
looking at it from the perspective of your own computer (as opposed to 
the perspective of creating a theme to be used by others), it may be 

In Window Behavior configuration (accessible either from the system menu 
under the app icon found on most windows' titlebars, or in kcontrol aka 
system-settings), under Desktop Effects, first, on the General tab, 
ensure that compositing is active, then on the All Effects tab, in the 
list, near the bottom of the Appearance section, there's a Translucency 
option.  Make sure it's checked, then click on the Configure (wrench 
icon) button.  That's where all the normal translucency/transparency/
opaqueness settings are configured.  You can set your preferences there.

Do note that on slower video cards, you may need to change the fading 
duration to zero/Instant, to get acceptable performance.  The "default" 
as referenced there, is set back on the General tab, under Animation 
speed, which will need to be "Instant" for best performance, as well.  
But on a small display (mine's dual 1920x1200 LCDs, stacked for 
1920x2400, NOT small!) or with decent graphics hardware (mine's a vintage 
Radeon 9200 card, definitely NOT decent, by modern standards, tho it was 
the best available with freedomware drivers for a long time), you may be 
able to enable duration effects, without too badly affecting performance 
and usability.

HTH. =:^)

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