Strange goings on with k3b from extragear...

Steven P. Ulrick lists-kde at
Tue Aug 4 01:16:49 BST 2009

Hello Everyone
I just got a new HP dvd1270 DVD burner, and it is working great, except for this 
strange issue that MIGHT not be the fault of the burner.  I am using DVD+R media 
from Staples.  I am running Fedora 11 on a SuperMicro system with a 2GHZ Intel 
Xeon QuadCore processor and 8 gigs of RAM.
The issue is this: when I try to burn a data dvd (it does not matter if I set 
the speed or choose "auto") I get warnings messages that say the following:

The media CLAIMS to go up to 16x, and the burner CLAIMS to go up to 24x.  So 
with 16x media, I would only expect speeds up to 16x.  So why would the media or 
burner not support burning at 16x, and then the speed would get kicked 1x 

Right now I am making an image of the directory I want to back up, and I will 
burn it from a terminal, because I'm pretty sure I have burned data DVD's at 
speeds up to 16x on this drive.  I'll get back to you when I get done trying 

Steven P. Ulrick
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