Permanently maximize the panel in KDE4?

Paul Hartman paul.hartman+gentoo at
Sat Aug 1 17:21:07 BST 2009

On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 10:37 AM, Anne Wilson<cannewilson at> wrote:
> On Saturday 01 August 2009 16:03:46 Paul Hartman wrote:
>> On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 2:20 AM, Anne Wilson<cannewilson at>
> wrote:
>> > Hmm - maximised is the default.  I'm inclined to think that you have
>> > accidentally moved the sliders that appear when you have the
>> > configuration panel open.  Try experimenting with them.
>> Hi, thanks for your reply. I sometimes use the sliders to maximize it
>> (ensuring they snap to the sides), sometimes use the maximize menu
>> option. I don't accidentally use them and the only time I ever open
>> the configuration is to fix the width.
>> I'm curious about what the Maximize menu option does. It doesn't
>> appear to be a persistent setting (it doesn't stay highlighted like
>> "Always Visible" or the panel alignment) so I would be led to believe
>> it's a one-time shortcut to stretch the bar out to the current
>> screen's width, equivalent to using the sliders.
>> If I change resolution while running KDE, it behaves properly and
>> keeps it maximized. It only seems to happen when I log in and out with
>> different screen sizes. For example, I log out of KDE when I leave the
>> house, and I use NX with a 1280x960 window while I'm away from home,
>> also logging out when I'm done, then I log in locally with 1600x1200
>> at which point the panel is only 1280 pixels wide and I have to
>> re-maximize it.
> Sounds as though you are well and truly confusing it ;-)  So this is a laptop?
> Is it hibernated while you are travelling?
> What happens if you get the old resolution panel, resize it to maximum, then
> log out and back in?
> I can ask around and try to get some definitive answers for you, but I need to
> be sure I understand the problem first.

It's a desktop machine, no hibernation, has been powered on for 2
years. No multi-display set-up or anything fancy, just a plain
computer with a single monitor. Basically what I'm doing is
alternately logging in remotely and locally to the same machine using
the same account. When logged in remotely (using NX server), my
screen/desktop size is smaller than it is locally. It happens every
single time, happens in KDE 4.3 and happened in 4.2 and 4.1 as well.

I don't know C++ and am not familiar with KDE source code at all, so I
may be looking in the wrong place, but in
kdebase-workspace-4.3.0/plasma/containments/panel/panel.cpp it looks
like it is using the minimumSize/maximumSize values from the config
file when it initializes the panel. So, I tried an experiment:

I resized the panel to be slightly smaller than maximized, the values
in ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc changed to this:


I then clicked "maximize panel" and it changed to this:


So I suspect what is happening is that when I log in with a 1280 width
screen, the minimumSize/maximumSize in this file is changed to
1280,38. Then, when I login with 1600 width it reads the geometry from
this file, making my panel 1280 pixels wide and leaving a gap of 320
pixels. At least that's my theory. :) Maybe there needs to be an
"Always Maximize" option (if my suppositions are correct).

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