Cannot scan for printers on the network in KDE4

Rick Miles frmrick at
Tue Apr 28 08:25:58 BST 2009

On Tuesday 28 April 2009 09:45:28 am Dotan Cohen wrote:
> In KDE 3 the user could scan an IP range for printers. As my D-Link
> DIR-320 gives the printer a different address whenever the router
> looses power, I simply told KDE 3 to scan 192.168.0.* for printers and
> it found my printer. KDE 4 does not seem to have this ability,
> furthermore, the only way to get the IP address of the printer out of
> the router is through an EXE file that the router provides for
> configuring Windows machines: not a solution for me! Is there some
> other way that I could scan the network for printers, even from a
> shell script, to get the correct IP address?
> Thanks in advance.
I network a scanner and printers on a static IP network but have always wonderd 
about having to do this with dhcp and here it explains how to 
do it on the router about halfway down the page. You say sometghing about access 
via an exe file but dowsn't you DLink have a web interface for configuration

If you are trying to use skanlite with a network scanner it won't find it no 
matter what the IP is because it will only find scanner resident to the box it is 
running on.

Can you see the scanner using the* address range and xsane? If so than 
you can also use okular. 

Also try the command scanimage -L  to see if the scanner can be found. If so then 
you can use the output to identify the IP each time you boot with a script using 
stream editors but that may be too complicated compared to just finding a way to 
assign a fixed IP to the server.

BTW you can scan with a network printer using skanlite but you have to use the 
command skanlite -d [scanner device] with the scanner device being info found by 
running scanimage -L like this

rick at rick:~$ scanimage -L device 
`net:' is a Hewlett-
Packard PSC_2350_series all-in-one

skanlite -d net:

Maybe that will give you some ideas.


Rick Miles

Written on Pungenday, the 45th of Discord, 3175

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