Cannot scan for printers on the network in KDE4

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Apr 28 00:45:28 BST 2009

In KDE 3 the user could scan an IP range for printers. As my D-Link
DIR-320 gives the printer a different address whenever the router
looses power, I simply told KDE 3 to scan 192.168.0.* for printers and
it found my printer. KDE 4 does not seem to have this ability,
furthermore, the only way to get the IP address of the printer out of
the router is through an EXE file that the router provides for
configuring Windows machines: not a solution for me! Is there some
other way that I could scan the network for printers, even from a
shell script, to get the correct IP address?

Thanks in advance.

Dotan Cohen
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