Approaching the KDE4 learning curve in as user friendly format as possible

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Tue Apr 21 08:16:44 BST 2009

On Tuesday 21 April 2009 04:01:54 Allen Meyers wrote:
> Anne and list kubuntu 9.04 re-installed and ready I hope to enjoy and
> appreciate KDE from a new perspective.

The three most important things for making you feel more at ease are likely to 
be getting the desktop to perform more like KDE3, learning how to use kickoff 
(the new menu style) and learning the features of dolphin, the new file 
manager.  The desktop first -

Right-click on the desktop, select Desktop Settings (or Appearance Settings - 
it differs between distros) and change the Type: from Desktop to Folder View.  
This should default to using ~/Desktop as the folder to use for anything on 
the desktop, but can be changed to ~/Documents or anything else if you prefer.  
This also has the effect of giving you the 'Create New' dialogs on a right-
click, that you saw in KDE 3.

Now the menu - There is a search bar at the top, and this uses a fuzzy search, 
so if you type in, for instance, write you will see listed the applications 
you have installed that have any connection with 'write' - text editors and 
word processors, for example.

When you see the application you want to use you can right-click on it and get 
some important options.  You can add it to Favourites, so that it appears on 
the first tab, you can add it to the panel to get a quick-launch, or you can 
add it to the desktop.  By now this should be looking more like the interface 
you know.

Dolphin, the file manager, is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  At first glance it 
is very simple, but it has many useful features that need to be selected by 
you.  This is too big a subject to tackle in an email, but you need to read and experiment with the 
features that sound most useful to you.  I'd advise you to try everything 
possible, then just switch off again anything that you don't think you will 
often need.

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