.kde4/Autostart doesn't work

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. bss at iguanasuicide.net
Tue Apr 14 22:02:39 BST 2009

In <1fde22350904141006l524d69bbv1f45594d787a4134 at mail.gmail.com>, David 
>My script  ~/.kde4/Autostart/autostart.sh is not run in my Arch box (and
> the user has permissions to execute it). Is this a known problem? How can
> I debug/solve it?

~/.kde4/Autostart is a container for .desktop files, not shell scripts.  
You'll need to write a .desktop file that has your shell script on the Exec 
line if you want to use Autostart.

You might want to use ~/.kde4/env instead.  It is a container for files that 
are sourced (run in the current shell environment) during kde session 

IIRC, anything done from .kde4/env should not expect kded-type services 
running, where as ~/.kde4/Autostart can depend on those services.

I use both for my purposes.  A script in env to start ssh/gpg agents and set 
environment variables.  A script in Autostart to load my keys, asking for 
passwords with graphical dialogs.

>Please Cc to me when replying. Thank you,

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