Yet another post of KDE 4.2 impressions

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu Apr 2 16:34:16 BST 2009

Christian Henz wrote:
> "Add Widgets" dialog:
> ---------------------
> I still have not quite figured out how the star icon is supposed to 
> work. Sometimes its grey (widget not installed?), sometimes its
> yellow (widget installed? - but it is also yellow for "Web browser",
> which I cannot find anywhere in the panel or on the desktop, and grey
> for "Pager" which is definitely active and visible!), sometimes there
> is a little "-" ontop of it (no idea what that means). Sometimes
> there is a clock next to it (no idea either). There are also no
> tooltips to help me figure it out.

The star is whether or not it is a "favorite". The "-" over it means you 
can click to make it not a favorite.

And yes, making the star so prevalent is obnoxious and unintuitive.

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