Nepomuk using 90%+ CPU

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Sep 30 09:58:56 BST 2008

Daniel Winter wrote:
> On Friday 26 September 2008 13:35:05 Anne Wilson wrote:
>>> It will display the help.  Where it explains the "--backend" switch  it
>>> should say something like "Possible backends are: sesame2  redland"
>> Redland is the only possibility given.
>>> If sesame2 is there you are using it. If not that is it what causes the
>>> slow indexing and high cpu usage.
>> Is it possible to add sesame2, or is it just that this version does not yet
>> support it, otherwise it would be there?
> Well, that depends on how you got KDE/Nepomuk installed. (self built  or what 
> distribution)
> All soprano versions support sesame2 and make it default if it is avaible. But 
> sesame2 needs Java and is quite hard to package correctly. That is why some 
> distros do not ship it. 

I think that there might be a problem there.  I had to tell CMake where 
to find Java despite the fact that the JAVA environment variable is set 
(I have JAVA_HOME set as well)  So, I wonder if it uses the JAVA 
environment variable at runtime to find Java.  If not, this will be a 
packaging issue.
> KDE 4.2 will disable strigi when using the redland backend because it is 
> unusable slow for that.
It appears to me that it might be better to also have to option of 
compiling the Java code to binary.  If it could be compiled with GCJ 
then a package would not require Java & JNI but rather the libraries 
that go with GCJ which Linux should find in the usual way.  I don't know 
if GCJ is mature enough to compile the Java code in Sesame2 or if it 
would need to be ported slightly, but this seems like a possible solution.

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