Nepomuk using 90%+ CPU

David C. Manuelda stormbyte at
Mon Sep 22 22:26:06 BST 2008

On Monday 22 September 2008 09:09:02 Anne Wilson wrote:
> I started strigi yesterday afternoon, setting it to index my /home, which
> has 16GB data.  I excluded two directories containing 10.5GB data, leaving
> 5.5GB to be indexed.  Strigi is still using around 90% cpu, after about 8
> hours of indexing.  Is this to be expected?
> Anne

Do you have FAM and/or INOTIFY enabled in your system AND strigi compiled to 
use one of them?
I've tried strigi without them and its behavior was like you said, I enabled 
fam, and it behaves well since then..
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